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Sales Department

Basic Business Approach

Shiseido always plans and proposes high quality products suitable to customer requirements based on the concept of Sanpo Yoshi. Sanpo Yoshi is the spirit of "Beneficial to the other party, ourselves and the third party". The business policy of Shiseido is to manufacture together with our customers after we have been selected as a good partner by our customers.

Total coordination

High quality products matching customer requirements will be planned and proposed.

There will be complete coordination for customer requirements and customers will be supported with courtesy.
Shiseido can come and meet you at any place.
Consult with us for the following requirements.

1.Drugs Applications and Marketing Services

Shiseido will offer proposals making the best use of its knowhow ranging from formulations to trial manufacturing, analysis studies, stability, validation and application work etc.

2.Services for Shifting Manufacturing Sites

Shiseido can offer quick support based on the instructions of our customers for shifting trial manufacturing and analysis testing, manufacturing methodology transfers, and relative comparison tests etc.

3.Services for global expansion (Drugs and food)

Shiseido can act as an agent for complicated paper work such as overseas applications etc.

4.Distinct Product Creation Services

Shiseido can propose products guaranteeing quality and stability while also conducting the market survey based on the concept of our customers.

Flow of Commercialization


  • Meetings for product concept
  • Signing of various agreements
  • Presentation of formulation proposals
  • Estimation


2.Trial manufacturing

  • Submission of prototype lab work
  • Stability confirmation
  • Application
  • Packaging design



  • Scaling up
  • Manufacturing the product



  • Validation
  • Testing and shipment judgment



  • Study session for sales staff


6.After follow up

  • Various types of inquiries
  • Complaint handling
  • Providing promotional materials


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