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In addition to conducting business activities, a compliance committee with the president at the center was established to comply with the laws, regulations, and social rules, to guide ourselves with the aim to be a company trusted by society.

(1)Respect the rights and obligations of the stake holders with the spirit of Sanpo Yoshi and fulfill our social responsibilities.

(2)Wish for relief, peace and happiness of the nation and citizens, and to fulfill our social responsibilities.

As an enterprise contributing to life and health, to become aware of the social mission imposed on us, and strictly discipline ourselves with a high sense of ethics.

Sanpo Yoshi is the concept“Beneficial to the other party, ourselves and the third party”that is always with“Sincere efforts without any request”in the spirit of“Give and give”.Shiseido practices Sanpo Yoshi to ensure that all customers, suppliers and other stake holders in our company can feel secure and satisfied instead of only one party profiting.

Business Continuity Plan (BCP)

Information on the Basic Policy for Business Continuity and Disaster Management Plan

This plan is the basic policy enacted to continue the business activities of our company and to work for the quick restoration without impacting the business of our customers and the life of our employees in case of emergencies such as disasters (Large scale earthquakes etc). (Enacted December 25, 2012)

In addition, a disaster management manual (Enacted July 1, 2013) was prepared for daily preparedness and to fully understand one's own role so that one can act calmly and quickly in the event of a disaster, and all employees are working daily to ensure that we learn the correct mental attitude.

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