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Since inception in 1917, Shiseido has been working for the health of its customers with the mission statement “Devotion with sincerity”. Shiseido strives every day with the Research and Development for products ranging from pharmaceuticals to health foods, always responding to the requests of its customers who “Want to continue to be healthy at all times”. The sales network of Shiseido is spread throughout Japan and Shiseido and has also expanded to Taiwan, South Korea, Hong Kong and East Asia and the track record shows that Shiseido has received high evaluations from all quarters.

In recent years, we have not only been an OEM supplier to customers who do not have their own factories and laboratories, but our factory is also being used as factories for customers with whom we jointly plan, design and develop, and we act as agents for application, and processes related to quality assurance and formulation.

We will continue to develop products from the viewpoint of our customers, always responding to the needs of our customers, so that our customer will feel safe and satisfied. We have collected excellent young highly motivated staff and will continue to improve every day so that your needs can be met quickly, therefore we request you to take this opportunity and make use of our company.

至誠堂製薬株式会社 代表取締役社長 冨士俊隆

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