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Company Summary

Corporate Name

Shiseido Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd


220-1, Chihara, Gose city, Nara
TEL.0745-62-5555 (Switchboard)  FAX.0745-62-5670


May 1917


May 1959


70 million yen

Representative director

Tomishi Toshitaka

Executive director

Shimaoka Hatsumi

Business contents

Pharmaceutical manufacturing industry
Second type pharmaceutical manufacturing and sales
Quasi-drugs manufacturing industry
Quasi- drugs manufacturing and sales
Additive manufacturing
Health food manufacturing and sales

Other outsourcing
Associated Company

Nichiyaku Co., Ltd

Transaction Bank

Nanto Bank (Imperial Palace Branch)
Risona Bank (Yamato Yagi Branch)

Shoko Chukin Bank (Nara Branch)

Pharmaceutical Cooperative, Nara

Osaka Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association

Nihon Dohkei Kai

The Institute of Moralogy

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