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Shiseido Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd will manage the information entrusted to us by everyone with responsibility.
The collected personal information shall not be used for purposes other than the above, and shall not be handed over to third parties.

Definition of Personal Information

Personal information is the information of an individual, and refers to the name, address, email address, access records to service, other descriptions, or numbers and symbols that have been granted to individuals, and other signs, which are items (Even if identification is not possible from such information, but the information can be easily referenced with other information and based on which the concerned person can be identified) from which the individual can be identified.

Collecting Personal Information

When collecting personal information, the objective and usage details shall be revealed to the person from whom the information is collected and the information shall be collected to the appropriate extent.

Handling Personal Information

Personal information shall be used to the extent of the purpose for which the data has been collected, and for which consent has been obtained from the concerned person. The consent of the concerned person shall be obtained before using the personal information for purposes other than the purpose for which the data has been collected.

Disclosure of Personal Information

In principle, the information collected from the website of Shiseido Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd shall not be disclosed or handed over to a third party without the permission of the concerned person. However, personal information may be disclosed or provided in the following cases.
If our company comes to the conclusion that the user has caused loss to a third party, we can notify the information and details entered by the user in our website to the concerned third party, police or relevant agencies. In addition, our company shall be able to disclose information in response to any formal legal inquiries received based on the law from the courts, public prosecutor’s office, police, bar associations, consumer information center or organizations having similar authority on the information or details provided by the user.
Statistical information on users (Limited to general information showing overall trends of the user and not personal information) may be disclosed when explaining the services of our company to third parties such as advertisers, partners companies or others, and for other legal purposes.
Our company may disclose information if there is imminent danger to human life, health or property and there is an urgent need.
Shiseido shall promptly respond to a reasonable extent if the user has any queries, confirmations, corrections on personal information.

Use of Cookies

The website of Shiseido Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd uses cookies to offer better services. Cookie is a type of file sent to the personal computer of customers from the web server. Cookies cannot be used to execute programs, or to search and change personal information. In addition, a Cookie cannot be accessed by third parties as they can be read only in the Web server that has issued the Cookie. It is possible for customers to get notified on receiving a Cookie or to decline Cookies using browser settings. If you decline cookies using browser settings, there is a possibility that you may not be able to effectively utilize the interactive features of the Shiseido Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd website.

Other Precautions

Note that the personal information voluntarily published by you in the Internet may be collected and used by other Internet users.
In addition, third party sites and services, that are accessed through the website of Shiseido Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd or linked to the contents of advertisements, have established data collection protocols and provisions for the protection of personal information independent of the Shiseido Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd website. Our company shall not assume any responsibility or liability for such independent protocols and activities.


Shiseido Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd website has been provided with security measures and firewalls have been built to prevent unauthorized access, loss, destruction and falsification of personal information.


A contact for inquiries on privacy policy has been provided in the website of Shiseido Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Please feel free to contact us from the inquiry page in case of any questions or opinions.

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